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Full Service Community Program

Everest Academy now has a Full Service Community Program!  This program provides comprehensive academic, health, social, mental health, and physical education services to meet student, family, and community needs.

The goal of the program is to improve student achievement by involving families and community in the school, and creating a more positive school culture.

The Academic Support Provider, Carmen Cassius, is at Everest Academy to help families who need assistance gaining access to resources such as food, housing assistance, counseling, tutoring, and many other community, social, and health services. 

Ms. Cassius helps facilitate the Student Success Teams to help students experiencing academic, behavioral, or attendance difficulties. 

The Student Success Team's goal is to find solutions to removing barriers to student achievement. 


Click here for more information on Carmen Cassius and the Full Service Community Program at Everest.



Academic Support Provider

Ms. Carmen Cassius, ASP

Carmen Cassius

707-556-5756, ext. 54711


Academic Support Provider helps provide comprehensive academic, social, mental, and physical education services to meet student, family, and community needs beginning in the Everest Academy community.


Regular school attendance along with active participation from families and the community leads to advance learning and successful students.